Thursday, August 2, 2007

Soap Scum

Soap Scum Presents is a troop of talented improvisational actors who do a weekly serial improvisation show based on a theme, performed without a script, with musical accompaniment. It's as insane and as fun as it sounds. Here is the logo I did for them. It was fun working on something, being given creative license with no strings attached, as well complete trust in my abilities to produce something fun and interesting.

The theme for the upcoming show is Space Quest so I based the spaceship on a beer bottle, and used a bold exciting typeface to give the logo some impact (while not using the impact font).

The actual Soap Scum Presents logo was more of a literal interpretation, instead of trying to mimic a soap opera title I chose and interesting font trapped inside bubbles. I was trying to flow the type circularly but Beth suggested I stack it and use the blocky shape to contrast the circle. I think it works well.

It was a good experience, I hope my work will help them along their way to creating an even larger fan base.

Thanks guys.

For everyone who has not seen the show, it is definitely worth checking out. I will be posting a link to the Soap Scum Presents blog so you can check out the time and the place of the performances.



Doug said...

Love it James. Especially the Space Quest logo. You da man.

Drew said...

I like the Soap Scum logo... is that your own font?