Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pan Tuba


Just another sketch from the Nintendo DS this is one of the first ones, so it is rougher looking than my rough looking digital paintings that don't look quite so rough. What I love about using the nintendo DS is the ability to work with colour so easily. A lot of these are done during the winter when I bus to work instead of biking and it is quite hard to get the old water colours out on the autobus. Thanks for looking. I assure you my commission is 98% done I have to let it do some drying and lay some final touches then I will post some of my process.

Stay golden Pony Boys and Girls!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011



This is a Sketch I did on the NIntendo DS of my sisters Cat Coogan. I think the expression speaks for itself.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Quiver with Fear

Back Quiver Front
Back Quiver Back
Well as some of you might have read, I have taken up archery of the traditional kind (No crazy super powerful, rifle like, physics enhenced, ultra-bow) In keeping with the traditional idea I made my own back quiver. My Mother has been stockpiling leather, so when I mentioned this crazy idea she was like "Oh yeah I got like tons of that, fer-sher really." So I mad my first prototype. I intend to make another back quiver out of natural looking tooling leather but that will be when I can afford to buy some. Until then I am working on a hip quiver out of canvas.

I'm sooo close to finishing this last painting it hurts, but I can't show it to you yet, I just can't. No worrie though As I mentioned in my previous post I will take you all along for the ride when next I do another painting.

Stay golden Ponyboys and girls (My new trademark line)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

More sketches of Pan the Man...Boy...BoyMan

This is another sketch Done of Peter Pan Flying up from a ship over the Mermaid Lagoon. I really do need to do some more refined drawings of this stuff at some point. I still have to finish the mini paintings done of the Peter Pan characters. I'm super close I just got distracted by other projects. Sheesh! My wife commented the other day that the term Okey Dokey was not used by adults. Am I the lone 30 year old who still uses this term. If so I'm starting a campaign to take it back from the children. Okey Dokey Smoky


This little phrase is a variant of okay. It is 20th century American and first appears in print in a 1932 edition of American Speech.

There are several alternative spellings - okay-doke, okey-doke, okee-doke, etc. In addition to these is the comic version that has brought the phrase back to popular attention in recent years - The Simpson's Ned Flanders' 'okely-dokely'.

All of them are just a perky reduplicated variants of okay, utilizing that favourite device of two-word phrases - rhyming. As a reduplication it is properly spelled with a hyphen, although it is often given without.

Like okay, 'okey-doke' is used to indicate that all is well, e.g. 'everything is okay here', but may be used when responding positively to a request. That is exemplified in this piece from Colin MacInnes' book City of Spades, 1957:

"One Guinness stout, right, I thank you, okey-doke, here it is."

Phrase origin courtesy of

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Goodnight Neverland


Been a while since I dropped a line.

Hey everybody!

I have some work I've been doing but it is not finished yet. and I've made s decision. No more of this secrecy stuff. Next painting I do, I'm taking you all for the ride, process shots and all cause this waiting to show you guys stuff is just plain boringst.

This is a sketch I did on the Nintendo DS, it is of the tree that Peter and the boys live in, in Neverland. Man I love Peter Pan.

Stay golden Ponyboys and girls.