Thursday, February 24, 2011

Archery Armguard

I found some old rawhide in my basement on Monday and I decided to make a primitive armguard out of it. I think it is quite a unique design as I had to be creative with the shape and amount of material I had to work with. All the straps and ties are cut strips of spare rawhide and the button is from a old piece of broom handle or some kind of handle. I rubbed olive oil into the leather and that gave it a beautiful brown colour as opposed to the vegetable tan it originally was. It was great fun to make and took no time at all. All I need now is a bow to shoot.

Paintings and drawing to come.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm still alive

Well I'd like you all to know that I do still exist.

At work on top of being Kayak editor I also take care of things for the Canada's HIstory website and marketing and ads for Canada's History magazine. We just hired a lovely lady named Nancy Payne as the new Kayak editor on a short deadline for the magazine. Life has been uber nutz and I also started experiencing major back and neck pain, coupled with serious headaches. Due to this my artistic process slowed down to "work only" and even that was impacted. I am better now and getting back into things. I do have some work that I need to post but It will be in a while as I need to get back to producing Kayak, This issue is going to be a good one with many talented artists work for you to see.

On a side note I have developed an obsession with archery and I am going to build my own bow this summer.

Also because I would not shut up about bows and arrows, my wife bought me a plastic bow with suction cup arrows, which I then, within a day of owning it, shot her in the eye with. It's funny now because she still has her eye, but I can not stress enough that you should not shoot suction cup arrows at people, just ones with lots of foam on them.

Thanks for checking up on my people.