Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Folk Fest Sketches

These are the only sketches I got down this folk fest. Last year I did a ton with fellow artist Jason Botkin. I should post those. Remind me OK. OK!

The one of the camp was simply the central camp in field 1B it was cool and had a Welsh flag up. I like the Welsh dragon it is almost as cool as the Scottish lion.

The sketch of the bug, was inspired by this brilliant green bug that kept landing on me, I would try and colour it but I really don't think I could capture the brilliant colours of green and purple that nature deemed fit to bestow on the little guy.

Unfortunately that is it as far as sketches, I spent too much time drinking, playing the pipes, getting engaged and helping out with the pirate ship. Which in hind site I should have spent more time sketching. But alas that is the way the cookie crumbles. Next year I intend to do a few more... Maybe.

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