Monday, October 31, 2011

Just Some Steampunk Western Kids


Just some steampunk kids I sketched up the other night. I had not drawn all day and I was not warmed up. That is why they look so static. But I believe very strongly in posting my failures here as well as the drawings I'm proud of. I think I can pull something positive out of these sketches and that is that each of these characters has potential so I may give each of these blokes and lasses a page so I can work on costume and pose.

I'm becoming a huge fan of the author Cherie Priest she writes steampunk but from a North American perspective. I love the British stuff very much, don't get me wrong, but I love the frontier and imagining how the steampunk would have impacted the wilder areas of the world.

More sketches coming and maybe some final artwork in a bit as well.

Oh... I also made it to the Central Canada Comicon this weekend. I Helped tend to a friends table in Artists Alley and pushed Kayak on unsuspecting comic fans. I Saw a Catwoman who was practically popping out of her costume, and caught a glimpse of the Shatner.

I Hope to get my own Table set up next year. I just have to have something to sell other than a great attitude and near perfect teeth.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rob Rodgers Wears Me Like a Coat


So I'm at my friends wedding a few week back, and I get into a conversation with a friend of mine Rob. As our witty banter went on the conversation took a morbid yet humorous turn. I ended up agreeing to do a drawing of Rob in a heroic pose after he had skinned me and made a coat to wear. So here it is. It is the first drawing in my very first shmancy Molesking sketchbook. I really like this sketchbook the paper is super thick and the coating on it takes pencil and pen really well. One chink in the armour though.

Most of you have probably noticed my less than great colour job on this sketch. I give you my apologies. Although Moleskin makes a great product they do have a small flaw as far as I am concerned. These sketchbooks do not take watercolour! In fact they completely repel water. This is a pro if you spill a drink on your book or drop it in a puddle but man when you do a sweet drawing and then try to colour it in watercolour it's pretty surprising when the medium doesn't take.

Now acrylic, oils or ink will work, but these are not quick or easy to clean up like a watercolour puck set. In Moleskin's defense they do make a watercolour sketchbook. But I like really smooth paper to draw on. That is just my personal preference. Unfortunately Moleskin only makes coldpress watercolour paper sketchbooks, and the paper is rough and textured. I will gladly finish this sketchbook and work on my acrylic skills. But when I'm done I think I will make my own sketchbook out of hotpress watercolour paper.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is Moleskin should make a hotpress watercolour sketchbook and give me a free one or ten.

Stay golden Pony Boys and Girls

Friday, October 7, 2011

Harvest Sun Music Festival: Lilly

This is my daughter Lilly playing in the sand at the harvest sun music festival. She is two years old and it is almost impossible to get her to hold still. So it was a wonderful moment when she hunkered down to cover her legs in sand. I see so much of myself in her.

Thursday, October 6, 2011



Sad to hear of the passing of Steve Jobs. I'm very thankful for all he achieved in the time he spent among us.

Harvest Sun Music Festival: Bearded Dude's Daughters

Dancing Girl 2
These are the daughters of the Bearded Dude. They had amazing outfits on, handmade by their Mother. They looked like gypsy children, and they were always dancing. Very, very cool.