Tuesday, August 21, 2007


This is a character I sketched up yesterday unlike my Hulk drawing I decided to take some more time and do something I liked. I named him Bastille he is a hairy French pirate. I have not decided on a first name for him yet. Maybe Patrique or something. It will just be for background purposes as he will always be referred to as Bastille. the one drawback to doodling is my quick change in direction I started drawing Bastille with a serious expression on his face but finished with him dancing a jig. I would of liked to have put a joyful or drunk expression on his face. Maybe both.

That's about it for now I will be scanning some sketches I did of Lower Fort Garry. I had a lot of fun live sketching the other day, I would like to do it more.

My only suggestion to anyone who reads this blog is, read more Will Eisner graphic novels he has written and drawn some very interesting stories.


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