Thursday, December 20, 2007

Random Sketch

This is a double page sketch I did while watching Beth play indoor soccer the other day. I like the team of One Eyed Yeti's.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Darfur Child

This is a water colour and ink sketch I did based on a photo from a Save Darfur brochure. The image was just a child against a white background. I thought is was simple and powerful. I tried to capture the child expression as best I could. In the end my image looks angrier than the photo which has the child looking more confused and hurt. I'm not quite sure which is more appropriate.

Monday, December 17, 2007


I sketched this at work the other day and took about another three days on my off time to colour him. Not keen on the gradient background but I thought I'd show you anyway a few more changes to make but I'm happy with his posture and expression. A little back story so you'll understand why a Zombie would be so excited and shouting Oh...My...Gawd!!! is that his BFF (best friend forever) (I find that funny because both characters can't die so they literally might be best friends forever) SexBot Dot 3545 tells him that she and the professor are an item and he just can't believe it. So he shout out to the world "What Happened"... I mean Oh...My...Gawd!!!

Timmytron and the Brain

These are a couple of conceptual sketches for two more characters from space quest you won't see them on stage one is the talented musician Tim Cranwill and the Other you have already seen. This is the first sketch of Randy apostles space quest avatar 'The Brain' you can actually see him holding a pen with his tail in this one.
I have had a lot of fun doing these. So much fun you may see a Space Quest animation in the future. Maybe...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Brain

The Director of Space Quest is Randy Apostle and here is my interpretation of what he might look like if he were a character. He writes using his telescopic tail. In real life he just sits in a chair. I thought this was cooler.

Saturday, December 8, 2007


Talya Kidstix

Actress: Yanin Gillespie

After repairing the Professor's transport shuttle for a quick escape from a horde of DreelNar Slaggs, Talya was offered a position on the SpaceQuest team. Believing her wicked moves and natural gift for violence had finally paid off Talya accepted, and moved onto the meteoroid. Only to find out later she had been hired to keep the Treloid infested rock from falling apart.

Thursday, December 6, 2007


Actor Cory Wojcik

Buff is the resident warrior ape on the SpaceQuest team. Armed only with his traditional warrior ape sword, a raging libido and poop; Buff helps defend the meteoroid while dealing with being the last of his kind, and the most frightening entity in all the galaxy 'Evolution'.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

SexBot Dot 3545

Actress: Chantel Marostica

Created by an old colleague of the Professor. She has 17 360 programs, and is 1126 years old. Her primary function as a sex robot, is to well... you know, with her master. The Professor, being her master reprogrammed her, to serve the entire SpaceQuest fleet. Being programmed to service one human, and re-programmed to service many, can really mess with a girls circuitry. Being as old and used as she is, Dot's programs, have taken on a life of there own, and have made her one very... unique... robot.

Professor George Smith

Actor: Davide Montebruno

George Smith, Professor Laureate of the Science: Earning this esteemed title at the age of 32 Professor Smith proceeded with his Nobel Prize winning concept for a self sustaining SpaceQuest agency based on a meteorite hurtling through space. With the mandate to "Seek out and neutralize threats to Earth originating from across the galaxy" Professor Smith assembled a crack team of agents. Regrettably the entire team, including Professor Smith himself were killed some few years later by a mysterious villain known as the 'Black Hand'. Undeterred by his recent demise Professor Smith rebuilt his body from computer and machine components, and reformed a new and better equipped SpaceQuest team, to boldly blast off into a galaxy of mystery! Or something close enough to it.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Actor: Scott Cranwill

Though Little is Known about Milk's origins, his reputation is wide spread across the Galaxies. After being abandoned as a child on the hostile planet Turmaline. Milk was discovered years later living on his own and completely self sufficient. Having developed an advanced mining system, Milk not only amassed a fortune enslaving the native species who toiled in his vapour mines, but also caught the eye of the infamous Black Hand. Recognizing Milk's keen mind, and cunning tactics as useful tools in his plans for universal domination, Black Hand took young Milk on as an apprentice. It is during this time Milk earned the title of "Evil Genius", traveling the span of the universe, and overseeing many of the Black Hand's most secret operations. For reasons unknown, their partnership would come to an abrupt end sometime later, with Milk being left for dead, abandoned yet again on an uncharted planet in the outer rim. It is there that Professor George Smith found him, and after nursing him back to health, recruiting him as a member of the SpaceQuest team.

Monday, December 3, 2007


Actor: Peter Nadolny

A.K.A. Wellington J. Farnsworth Spookingdorf III
Spook is a deathly mess of teeth, sinew and bones who cannot be killed. he is a Zombie of intellect, trying to sate his never ending hunger for flesh, marrow and braaaaaaiiins... Used as the team shield while on assignment, Spook dutifully soldiers for right, justice, humanity (Unless he is really really hungry). The only weakness this devouring monster has is the heart he wears on his sleeve. No, not the one he keeps there as a snack, but the metaphorical one that gets stomped so easily. You can tear of his limbs, stomp on his face, and zap him with a thousand ray guns, but the only tear you will see come from his eye will be one caused by his poor, breaking heart.