Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Vintage Olympic Hockey Jersey's

Here are some desktop images of vintage olympic hockey jerseys. I was asked to do the illustrations for a poster that The Beaver was going to produce but it was cut for financial reasons. Same thing with the beer coasters we were going to put these on. Finally the idea of free online desktops was put on the table. Not quite as satisfying as a physical product to hold. But it is pretty cool to think people all over the country may have my desktop on their computer during the Winter Olympics.
The jersey's were produced in Adobe Illustrator, I then imported them into Photoshop to blend them with the background and then back into Illustrator to work with the type.


If you are interested in the desktops you can download them from look for them under the heading More of a good thing...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Climate Change

Great post on climate change from E. Sawyer financial today. It gives you all the links you need to start moving towards an informed decision. There are links to extremist climate change supporters and extremist ostriches with their heads in the sand. You can probably tell whom I support. I'll let you know it's not the fellas and gals pumping shit into the atmosphere and fucking with my cross country skiing season.

All kidding aside Please read the post it is very balanced and well written.

If you are too busy checking your emails on your blackberry or iphone here is

video scary "truth",

here is video "rich industrialist telling you not to worry",

here is a petition,

and here is David Suzuki's solution to getting the government to listen.

Peace out

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Where The Wild Thing Is

Hey everyone!

Been a while, but as all of you parent know having babies is time consuming. This is a little doodle I did months ago and I just scanned it in and painted it in photoshop.
Work and being a father has taken priority over many other things in life right now. My apologies to anyone who has noticed my absence. Nothing personal I just have a ton of stuff to sort out. I still have stuff to scan and post I will try to get on that and I will try to post a little more regularly. Broken record you say? Well maybe but I'm going to try extra hard this time.