Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What Kalamafraz is?

I just got a comment from a woman who follows my blog named Sophia.

OK, now I absoLUTELY love this one. Totally rock on, James! SwweeEETT! I again, love your detail, but your creative mind functions in a entirely different world....and I SO love it! :D

Now, nothing is more of an ego boost than someone you don't personally know, and I mean that in the "we have not come within physical contact distance of each other for 6 months to umpteen years" sense complements my work. Be it a sketch or a finished piece. This comment really caught my eye because it made specific reference towards an "entirely different world". This is relevant because... I invented the word Kalamafraz about 5 years ago, but I have not really had a decent definition of what Kalamafraz is.

Stated plainly it is an entirely different world. Kalamafraz is my world, it is where I go when people talk too long an I can't concentrate anymore, It's where I dream and daydream. I don't think it would be fair to call it an escape even though I could escape there if I wanted to. It would be more accurate to say I'm drawn into Kalamafraz and let me tell you it is quite the place to be. I'm afraid that I can't take any of you with me there. Only I can go to Kalamafraz, however I can take down what I see while I'm there. As an explorer it is my duty to document the strange landscapes, the unusual creatures and the usual creatures, the uncanny and the absolutely mundane. That is Kalamafraz in a nutshell (pause for inevitable Austin Powers quote).

My entirely different world is entirely mine and mine alone, my own... my prrrecious. I am quite happy to share what I see in Kalamafraz with everyone though, so thanks to everyone for coming by and checking out my wild and weird ways, and thank you Sophia for instigating this random burst of writing from yours truly.

The End... but not really.

OK, game time. weirdest combination of movies you have ever watched back to back. (Can't be at home must have done this in a movie Theatre/Drive-In.)



Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon followed by Oh Brother Where Art Thou?


Sophia said...

Ohhhhhh.....I've been "featured"!! hahahaha :) I SO didn't know that about you or your blog name. How cool is that? I so pegged you there. hahaha Seriously though, I do love that about you and your artwork. Thanks for sharing that with me and your bloggie peeps.

Adrian J.K. Shum, CGD said...

Always a nice thing to receive comments from strangers visiting your personal blog... particularly if they're genuine (and not trying to sell you something or redirect you to some spam site).

Interesting to hear your explanation for What is Kalamafraz. I had always assumed it was a tangent (or abbreviation) to califragilisticexpialidocious.

There's no doubt to me that you attempt to bridge our two worlds every now and then, and perhaps you prefer the Kalamafraz world more... which suddenly explains a lot. ;)

Keep sharing (ya crazy nut). Cheers!

James said...

Adrian, you nailed the inspiration for the root of the sound of Kalamafraz, it seemed appropriate that
supercalafragalisticexpialadoshus took place in an entirely different world. Maybe someday I can do some sidewalk chalk painting and we can jump inside them and go fox hunting. It's not inhumane if the animals and people are animated.