Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sketchbook Project Page29

I realized I forgot to post my second steampunk sketch here. Well here it is enjoy. Pretty girl with a laser gun riding a zeppelin. That is just boat loads of awesome to me. I hope everybody is making the extra effort to keep it real this winter, or Summer if you are on the other side of the Planet. I spent a year in New Zealand a long time ago and I celebrated Christmas in +25 °C on a lake (unfrozen) with a keg of beer, seafood BBQ and a basket full of puppies. It was fun but there is nothing like thigh-deep snow, -50 °C, cross country skiing and some eggnog.


Sophia said...

I love her. Don't suppose I could borrow her laser gun and jet for a few days, now do you? ;)

James said...

No problem, but I get 15% of the take from whatever you pillage you pirate.

Sophia said...

LOL Totally! :D