Monday, December 6, 2010

SoapScum: The Western

This is the poster I did for SoapScum's newest Opus "The Western"

It opens January 24th and with continue every Monday night. Only $8 per ticket with multi-passes available. Come out and participate in Winnipeg's vibrant improv community.
If you see me at a show and tell me how much you love my poster I'll give you a free kiss.


Christian Pearce said...

Nice work James, great hands!
In the drawing I mean, your real-life ones are probably alright too.

James said...

They are quite nice, but small like a carnies. I can reach into small drains to get things and Pringle tubes. Their actually quite handy, pardon the pun.

Thanks for keeping tabs on me.

More to come.


Sophia said... sorry it's been awhile!! Stopping by to catch up. Hope you are well! :)

James said...

Sophia thanks for checking in, I will be posting to the doodle heads blog a bit more soon I have about 6 pages left in my sketch book and then I can send it off. Hooray. It has been one heck of an experience. Thanks for sharing in it with me.

Sophia said...

Yeah, James! I'm so glad I got to ride along. Mine is far from being done. Bummer. Not sure if I will as I have a very ill father who is not expected to live long. Even if I miss the deadline, I'm still going to hold myself to finish it, either way. :)