Monday, July 5, 2010

Sketchbook Project Page3


Here is the third drawing. Notice a pattern? well it does not extend throughout the entire sketchbook. I thought about doing that but the truth is I draw on both sides of the page in my sketchbooks. so that is about 100 pages being restricted to a theme inside of a theme. Now it would be challenging to do that but I'm more interested in having fun and it has been fun so far. I did about a million renovations on mine and my sisters house this weekend so I did not get a chance to get any sketching done this week so I'm going to try and pick up the slack this week.

I hope everybody had a wonderful Canada Day. I know I did.


D. Gillespie said...

funny, I didn't notice you renovating my house this weekend? Were you really, really quiet?

I'll get the guys to leave some drywalling for you in August.

James said...

I thought renovation was latin for "not" being there and "not" doing anything.

Looking forward to my trip to Ottawa which is steadily approaching