Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Spawn: Wings of Redemption

For completing my illustration project. My good friend Adrian Shum bought me a Spawn collectible figure. I'm not actually a huge Spawn fan but I saw this figure about 7 years ago in New Zealand and I thought it was awesome. I always said I would buy it for myself but never really did. So in celebration of some published artwork Adrian bought the figure for me. Good man. He did ask that I do a sketch of Spawn so here is a sketch of him inked with a brush. I am in the process of colouring the sketch at the request of my wife. Who feels I never do enough colour work. I think I will do another sketch though as this one feels a bit static and literal. I feel like I got too caught up in how the figure actually looked instead of how "I" saw the figure. So I'm going to have another go.

Thanks Adrian you rule man!

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Adrian J.K. Shum, LGDC said...


You're more than welcome. I'd agree with Beth about the lack of colour work on KALAMAFRAZ... particularly considering the fact that your colour work typically 'Rocks the Casbah!'

I would also tend to agree with your comment about the sketch being too literal... I'd like to see a ver. Gillespie 'Spawn.' It doesn't have to be the Wings of Redemption Spawn either... as Spawn takes many different forms, just have fun with it dude! Looking forward to seeing it. Cheers!