Thursday, August 21, 2008

Colour Work

Yes I understand, I should do more colour. I'm at a bit of an impass though. I am usually just trying to get all the ideas and images out of my head and that leaves little time for colouring in what I'm drawing. I will do my very best as I actually enjoy colouring my work it ads a sense of depth and texture to what I draw. Here is a sketch of a hand with a screwed up pinky and a characature of Beth I did at Cafe 22 last night. Oh and another reason I don't do a lot of colour, you guys won't know this about the folfest images I posted. But there was some serious clean up going on. If you get those $3.00 Steadtler brush pens from Artist's Emporium, they are water soluble. So they may be convenient but if the ink gets wet good-by image. My sketchbook got damp with the heavy rains at folkfest and there was some serious bleeding going on between pages. So my newest method is to do pencil sketching go home do some colouring then go over my work in permanent ink. In this case I used a antelope brown acrylic ink. I like it on people bcause it is not as stark as black, it gives the image some warmth.

Beware water soluble ink.

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Justin said...

ah good to know about the ink-
I hear ya with the colouring, i get too excited about the next sketch, and move on before taking the time and colouring the current. adds so much depth tho, agreed.