Thursday, August 28, 2008


Been re-watching Rome lately, did these sketches of a soldier in and out of uniform. I love Rome so much drama, violence and debauchery I think they did a great job capturing the look and feel of the time. Many people I know feel that the series should have continued. I am of the belief that you should quit when your on top. The series was good it had two great seasons and two great endings to those seasons. Let it go do something else. There are tons of great stories out there. I think we need to look to the British model which is three seasons max. Instead of the American let's drag this story out for 9 seasons until nobody cares whether is ends or not model.


Doug said...

Agreed! Who really cared about Tony Soprano by season a million.

Justin said...

It's your one way ticket to midnight
Call it Heavy Metal
Higher than high, feelin' just right
Call it Heavy Metal
Desperation on a red line
Call it Heavy Metal noise