Friday, February 22, 2008

The Zombie Wars

Peter Nadolny who plays the character "Spook" in SpaceQuest is having a wedding social and asked me to do some artwork for the silent auction. Well actually my sister asked me but it works out to the fact that I did something. So here is the original sketch, half-way point, and final of the 5x7 water colour I did for him. I've been exposed to a lot of Zombie stuff lately and Peter plays a Zombie in the show so I did a Zombie themed piece.


jason botkin said...

great image! makes me think of an old mates'work, by the name time huesken...he's big on the zombies, as well as the robots and other assorted goodies!

Chemical Robotiks said...

thats so awesome. i love zombies. cool as hell. check out the review of diary of the dead on the issue zero blog