Friday, February 29, 2008

Nude Mural

This is the naked mural that corresponded with my clothing optional wedding social.
It was a blast and a very popular attraction, next to me in a naked suit playing the bagpipes.

As you can see there was some concept drawings provided, originally it was just supposed to be some naked people but Beth wanted a Mardi-Gras theme so I drew up a Mardi-Gras street scene, then drew the naked people over top and voila.

All in all it took about a week to produce. Pretty impressive considering we were drawing and painting and building on our off time (10pm - 2am). Credit has to go to my Mom (Karen Gillespie) Joan MacDonald and Greg Warren who are responsible for the transportation and physical construction of the stand that held this puppy up.

The Best compliment I received on this piece is that two other socials requested it's use. Which is great cause we really had no idea what to do with it when the social was over.

Also Beth needs to get most of the Credit for the painting of the piece as she is much faster and better at painting than I am.

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