Monday, February 11, 2008

Talya, Talya, Talya and Spook

These are some shots from the jan 28th show of SpaceQuest. I have been taking some glamour shots of the characters and I need two more one of spook and one of Sexbot the ones I got were a bit fuzzy. I need to remember to bring my tri-pod next show.

I am five pages into my graphic short story I think I have two or e three pages to go so I'll post some rough's and sketches when I'm finished the early stages.

I'm starting the early stages of a short animation I am working on with some friends. I will not make anything available until we are finished as far as that is concerned but I'm really looking forward to that.

Over and out.


Adrian J.K. Shum, LGDC said...

Wicked pix James! I particularly like the second shot... very cool!

SoapScum said...

these are so wonderful. You make her look so good under all that grease.

James said...

Thanks guys it isn't hard to make the SoapScum guys look good the lighting is pretty good and the costumes rock.

jason botkin said...

the first one, the woman with the goggles is a brilliant picture, blur and all! Straight shot, or a touch of photoshop? Love it!!