Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mask Concept

Here is the Mask concept I did on the bus over to Beth's friends house when we learned how to make masks. We still have not managed to get together to learn how to dye them. Why is it like a boxing match to get anything creative done. Everybody is so damn busy these days, myself included. What's wrong? How did this happen. I don't even have kids and I feel like there is no time in the day to get everything done. This problem has plagued me for some time. Maybe I should hook my TV back up watch "So you think you can dance" and forget about any of my worldly ambitions...

Hell No! Ain't gonna happen.

I do wish I had some more time to complete everything I want to though.

Oh Woe is me eh?

More stuff to post for you, plus some actually finished work coming soon.


colette said...

Hey man... "So You Think You Can Dance" is quality programming!

Cool mask! Nice job!

James said...

Colette I thought you were going to challenge me to a dance off.

Next time I see you at one of the dance bars in Winnipeg we are throwing down and having a dance off!

Bring it on!