Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I was doing a sketch of my Halloween costume the other night and while the paint was drying on that sketch I found and old piece of illustration board. So I found a picture of a half naked women and started to do a watercolour of her. It is far from my best work, but I wanted to think about it less and just do it. the colours are bit strong but I'm not used to using good quality paints, I used to have a graumbacher puck set but Beth recently gave me a bunch of Windsor and Newton tube watercolours. Next painting I think I will concern myself with taking a bit more time and working a bit more effectively with colour. I am far from unhappy with this piece. Not that it looks great but it was fun, and I like having fun.


Andrew said...

i like it. good highlights.

also i like boobies.

D. Gillespie said...

I like the strong colour. Especially 'cause they are watercolours. I think it gives some really interesting contrasts.