Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Satyr attempt #1

Beth and I are getting married.

So I have been asked to illustrate characters for the wine labels. I accidentally did the first one a couple of months ago you may remember it if you check this out fairly often. It is under the title Fancy Free. It is this illustration of a naked lady springing through the air in the buff. I like the image because it feels expressive and fun. I tried to capture that in my drawing of a satyr. I wanted the labels to have kind of a Greek mythology flavor. So I thought satyr's chasing naked women around and wine went hand in hand. I was quite pleased with my finished sketch. However my lady Beth remarked she would like more face and less penis. So I guess it is back to the drawing board. Here is my first attempt so you can judge which you like better when I do the final.

PEN15 Forever!


D. Gillespie said...

more face, less penis

what a fabulous motto for your wedding.



Andrew said...

i remember the pen15 club...