Friday, October 19, 2007

Quick Self Portrait

Here is a self portrait I did over lunch yesterday.
It's a bit rough but I am glad to see some progress in my all digital sketching style. Using layers to do under-sketches and refining the drawing on another layer then colorizing. It was good fun. I just joined an illustration forum and I needed and avatar so it was a good reason to do a self portrait. I like using photoshop but I must admit I am become a big illustrator fan, can't wait to attempt some flash animation work.

Oh! Thanks to anybody who comes and checks out my blog. I have developed into a bit of a recluse since I started school. I thought that I would re-emerge into the world with a vengeance after school was done. This has not been the case however, as I become a better artist and illustrator, I actually feel compelled to stay in and draw more, or go out and draw more. So just for the record, for all you guys I just never see anymore. I'm around and I'll be in touch again. Right now life is just crazy though. I'm expecting it to calm down after July.


Adrian J.K. Shum, LGDC said...

Anytime you want to go out sketching or perhaps do a drop-in life study at the WAG studios, let me know! I'm totally IN!

Andrew said...

Jim-Jam, if you're not too busy next Saturday (Oct 27) you and Beth should come to the Academy on Osborne (ex-freehouse) to see the Honeybuckets and two other excellent bands.

keep up the great work!