Sunday, October 21, 2007

Jungle Explorer

This is a conceptual image of my Halloween costume this year. Sir Bartholomew Cottonbottom the Seventh. Famous Jungle Explorer. Thanks for the idea Dad. I did this up quick tonight and I painted another picture of a girl for no other reason than that I wanted to, but it is a little too big to scan, so I'll have to take a photo of that.


MattyMatt said...

I was just having a conversation in which I needed to illustrate the concept of "British explorer of jungles" for someone This is the very best picture on the entire internet. Thank you.

haidibest said...

is this a real explorer? when did he became famous? I have a problem with my homework today I live in Doha,Qatar and my school is in al-Jazeera academy yr.5-a my teacher is ms. Sheila she is the best teacher I have ever seen in my whole life and what's more your drawing is beautiful! sincerely,
khadijah Y.

haidibest said...

hi, I'm khadijah I'm from Indonesia but now I'm in Qatar near Saudi Arabia I am having problem with my homework that miss. Sheila gave me we are learning about explorers and I don't know who is the famous jungle,space,mountains and ocean explorer if u like to help I would be really thankful to u and thank you very much I also want to know ur name!

James said...

MattyMatt: Thanks I'm glad you like this sketch.

Khadijah: I'm afraid I'm no expert on jungle explorers. I just drew what I thought one would look like.

Here are a couple of links to famous Victorian explorers, but most were trying for North or South America. Though South America does have jungles.

My name is James, thanks for asking.

Best of luck with your homework.