Monday, July 2, 2007

Got Wood?

I have recently taken to painting on wood.

I was not sure how it was going to work out when I started but the gouache I've been using... Yes that's right the oodles of gouache I was forced to waste my money on in college is being put to use again. Small ray of sunshine to every cloudy day right?

So where was I... Wood! well I really like using it the grains coming through the paint makes for a wonderful effect especially when trying to render images of objects made out of... you guessed it. Wood!

Case and point the wooden fence the cat is standing on.

Oh I just realized the cat is mooning you in front of the moon. Unintentional yet interesting how the subconscious works non?

All the paintings have an image on them of some object or other cracking and being held together with a band aid. This represents two things.

Reason the first:
I often feel like I'm in turmoil with my own creativity. Meaning my training as a graphic professional has lead to me questioning almost every creative impulse I have, breaking it down and analysing it. For what I do professionally this is a good way to make sure what ever I am trying to communicate is clear and effective, yet as an artist it can ware down on the trust I have in my own intuition. Essentially the impulse to do something just because it feels right. However I have noticed in the last year this problem has been fading by doing these small paintings and personal projects, my psychosis has begun to crack. So the band aid represents my reserve trying to hold onto reason and logic. And the ever growing break is my creative impulse busting its way through.

My God that was pretentious wasn't it.

Well it's the truth, so sorry for baring my soul you cynics.

Second reason:
Thought I was going to say Reason the second didn't ya.

Ever remember those National Film Board shorts with the egg that starts cracking and tries all that different shit to stop breaking, then he build himself into a box and when it's done there are all the other eggs that have done the same thing.
Ohhh man. Classic.

Check it out on You Tube if you can find it.

You will not be hearing from me until after Folk Fest so have a good week and I have a stockpile of material to put on this blog so lot's of cool related and unrelated material to share with whoever it is that reads this Blog.

Hugs and Kisses, Hugs, Hugs, and Kisses.
-Farm Fresh


Stephy said...

I heard the news!! Congrats! Welcome to the engagement club!

Drew said...

dude - i totally remember that NFB short with the cracking egg. i could always relate to it.

Mike said...

I like the original sketch of my tat as well man and as for the the rest of the posts I`ve been enjoying....I can only conclude that your mind is dangerous. I love it.