Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Leopard Skin

Last week my sister Yanin called me up.

My brother-in-law and her perform in an improv. show called Soap Scum (improvisational soap opera). I have been training to fight in a bare knuckle Karate tournament for the last three months and have not been able to see the shows. However my fight has come and gone so I could afford to take some time from training to go and see their closing night. For the closing night my brothers character who has an obsession with cats reveals the full body tattoo he has to the rest of the characters.

My sister called me and asked me if I would paint my brothers body. I mean really how often does this situation present itself. I was all over it. So I sketched up some different cat stripe patterns and gave them the option of tiger, leopard or tabby cat. The strongest of the three I believe was the leopard and fortunately they agreed with me.

So here are the original conceptual sketches and a photo documentary of the process of painting Scott.

Thank you to Yanin and Scott as well as Soap Scum for the opportunity to do this.


D. Gillespie said...

freakin' awesome job jam.

when the last two pics are small they look like dad. i thought it was dad until I saw them up close. i guess hats and moustaches can do that to a person.

karen said...

love the blog gives me something to do every morning can't belive how awesome the envelope is looking forward to hearing the results

Stephy said...

You totally stole my pre-set blogger template! Gosh!