Friday, July 20, 2007


I only think a few people who read this will be able to figure out what BHDMC stands for, so wink wink to you guys.
Been working on some stuff lately, tried to do a water colour but the paper which Beth tried to convince me to staple down pulled off the board. Wanna know why? Because I didn't staple it down!


I don't give a damn I'm going to paint on it anyway and then iron it.

You'll all be glad to know Doug Fedrau is up and running his Blog now. He does great illustration work so check out his Blog as well as Colette and Steph's Blogs. Colette does some very interesting photography concerning type, and Steph does some good photography with a great amount of humorous reflection on what is going on in her life. The Bus thing was my favourite.

I think they should both post more sketches and what not. I really enjoyed a lot of their doodles and conceptual work in college. I'm hurt'n for it girls. Give me the sweet sweet sketches... uhh... yeah... (high pitched voice) Awkward.

This is another quick doodle I inked with a sharpy. I definitely need a finer tip as the one I use is not good for the size these are drawn at, which are quite small.

Peace for now I'll post again soon.

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