Thursday, July 12, 2007

Red Rhino

I drew the picture of this girl "Red Rhino" I have dubbed her since someone remarked that they liked the drawing except for the giant rhino horn sticking out the top of her head. Well that is what this blog is for, criticism made and disregarded.

I have posted the progression from 4-5 minute sketch, to rough, to finished product. The coloring is a bit off as I went in with no plan as well I've never used gouache like this before and on a stock made for chalk pastel none the less. I liked the color though so I painted on it anyway.

I'm going to try and post some of my sketching for the next while as I have projects on the go but would rather post them in bulk to show the process, something I have become obsessed with. It has actually become more interesting to me to view the progression of a project then the final piece of work. I have taken to watching the appendices of the extended Lord of the Rings and my Fiancee "That's right. Gettin Married!! BooYah!" bought me a "The world of Kong A Natural History of Skull Island". It is a compilation of all the conceptual work done by Weta Workshop compiled into a mock study of insane detail and proportion. Those guys are my hero's.

Enough rambling, thank you for checking out my blog, I'll be posting soon.

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