Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Folkfest Sketches

Well folks it's been a while hasn't it?

I have not posted for the last while for good reason. I got married. in fact I have been married for about a week and a half now. Good times. I had a wonderful wedding ceremony out in Steinbach Manitoba on friends property. It was beautiful. I'll get some photos up as soon as I organize some things in my life. In the meantime here are some quick sketches I did at the Winnipeg Folkfest this year. This was where Beth (my wife) and I Honeymooned. It was a lot of fun but there was a bit of rain and my sketchbook got a bit soggy. Word to the wise those cheap pen brushed we got in college are a lot of fun to use but they bleed when they get wet. So if you like doing brushwork use india ink because it is waterproof.

I think some of the sketches need some explanation.

The first is of this grumpy old bastard who got real bent out of shape that I was talking while a band was playing. Instead of asking me to be quite. He waited in silence until his rage peaked. Then he got up and stormed off claiming that "Some people come here to listen to the music." No doubt, but some people go to enjoy the day and the people who are keeping them company. If you have a problem speak up don't make a scene where you end up looking like a douche bag.

Second one is of a kid in a VW shirt he was cool looking so I sketched him. The next is of the Tilly Twins an old man and I'm assuming his son sitting in identical clothes and tilly hats enjoying the festival. I would like to mention I was also wearing a tilly hat when I sketched this. Go Tilly!

Thirdly I did this sketch with Beth and a Friend Jason Botkin. Both are great artists so it was a lot of fun to draw a section and pass the picture along and see how the next person would add a little bit more until we had this random beautiful collage of drawings. So much fun.

That's it for now I look forward to getting back to posting and I hope everybody is having as much fun as me this summer.


Katie said...

dear sir,
i'm just creeping on canadian bloggers and looking at mostly artists.

your stuff is neat and i'm inspired:)

James said...

Thankyou Katie,

You mark a very special day. The first official person who is not a friend/family to have left a comment on my blog.


Jeope said...

Make me the second then, except I'm just a couple of degrees of separation off. Love the brush sketches.

The Tillys. By gawd. The fest this year was a Tilly convention.