Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Flora and Faune - Sauvingnon Blanc

This is the label I designed for my wedding. It is based on a sketch I did last year of a naked woman prancing. Beth (my wife) suggested I make it into a wine label. I knew that if we made wine labels for the wedding we were going to need a red. So I came up with the concept that she was a wood nymph in an ancient forest, so perhaps she would be chased around by a randy wine drinking faun. Thus the name Flora and Faun. I used design elements Beth had created to make the wedding invitations and incorporated them into my design for consistencies sake. Anyhow here is the Flora and Faun, Sauvignon Blanc label I'll post the Merlot label tomorrow.

Here is the write-up for the back label:

Our signature Sauvignon Blanc was created and aged by the infamous international Jewel thief Roberto Gillespinni. Where are my favourite jewels you ask? “Did I misplace them?.. Are the kids playing with them?”

No! Chances are at some point Roberto has let himself into your home and made off with your precious trinkets an stones.

Fret not dear wine drinker, your valuables have been put to good use. Once melted down to make golden beaver key chains, your precious jewellery is sold and used to import the rare Sauvignon Blanc grapes from the Ancient Forest, the location which only Roberto knows. It is in the Ancient Forest where the Nymphs and Fauns nurture these unique grapes to fruition with music and dance.

The flavour of Flora & Faun Sauvignon Blanc can be described as:

“Crisp, elegant and fresh with a hint of naughtiness.”

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