Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Kids Bow: Short Plains Style Bow

Plains style short bow1

Plains style short bow3

Plains style short bow6

Plains style short bow5

This is a plains style short bow that I made for my daughter Lilly for Christmas. She really likes Brave and I wanted to make something she could bang around and have fun with. It is made out of silver maple which was generously donated by a friend of the family. He had a standing deadwood tree and had it taken down. The arborist cut a 7 foot section of the tree and left it for me to split. My dad, our friend Greg and I, set about making staves which are still in my basement waiting to be made into bows.

This bow comes from one of the tree branches. I split the branch down the middle and used the other half to help a friend of mine make a bow for his kid as well. Again no Idea what it pulls as far as draw weight is concerned, but it is 39" in length and draws to 15.5 inches.

It is actually a little strong for Lil right now but she'll grow into it. I made some arrows out of wooden dowels crested them and made some duct tap fletching.

It turned out to be a beautiful bow and hopefully will give both my daughters some fun and excitement in their formative years.

This bow making thing is turning into a beautiful addiction. I have some sketches and art to post but rest assured there are more bow to come.

Stay golden, Pony Boys and Girls.


Eric said...

these bows are beautiful! great addiction if you ask me. awesome.

James said...

Thanks Eric,

I have just finished another and busted one up as well. Excited to post about it in the coming weeks when I get some photos taken.