Monday, February 25, 2013

New Kids Bow: D Style Longbow

D style primitive bow2

D style primitive bow1

D style primitive bow3

D style primitive bow4

Here is another bow I worked on at the end 2012. It is a D style ( named for the shape of the belly of the bow) long bow. It is 51" in length and pulls 22". I did not have a method of gauging the draw weight but it is light, intended for a ten year old.

It was backed with rawhide and painted wonderfully by my talented wife, who also sewed on the suede  hand grip. Beautiful work.

The wood used was elm and was cut from the river bank near my house. The sapling was split down the middle and yielded another bow as well. I did not get a chance to photograph that one. Both bows were christmas gifts for a friend nephew and niece, and I was under deadline pressure.

This bow would fall under the category of a "character bow" as there were all sorts of knots and bends in the wood for me to work around.

It was a great learning experience and has helped me improve my understanding of how to make bows. I have been working on some larger bows recently and look forward to presenting them in the near future. so stay tuned.

Before I touch on those, I do have another kids bow I will be posting about. it is the one I made for Lilly for christmas. So stay tuned.

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