Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I have a bunch of sketches to post from my moleskin. Just kept forgetting to scan them into the computer. Here is one. It is not really a representation of how I was feeling since lately my health has been good, and I have been feeling rather un-slothful. It has more to do with being saturated with images of Sloths. Strange but foe a week or so I just could not escape them. Be it facebook posts, David Attenborough documentaries or novels like Life of Pi.

So I ended up sketching one.

More to come sketch-wise, and soon some progress on my Dr. Grorbort's creature.

Stay Golden Pony Boys and Girls.

1 comment:

Sophia said...

Diggin' the Sloth, James. :)

Hurry up and scan more sketches!! tee hee