Monday, August 29, 2011

Chloe Cooley Sketch

Chloe Cooley rough

This is a rough for the Chloe Cooley illustration I did in issue #37 of Kayak: Loudmouths.
It was the case of a historic character that had no historic likeness available. I had fun even though the story is a bit dark. So here is one of the three sketches I did I scanned this one into the computer and did the final version on Flash. I'll see if I continue to use flash for illustration purposes. I may try something in photoshop next time, or maybe illustrator. I really should just choose one and master it but I can never seem to commit to one. I would love to try a Cintique as drawing using a Intuos tablet still has a bit of a mental disconnect for me.

I will post the final Chloe Cooley photo in a couple of days.

Stay golden pony boys and girls.

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