Monday, April 4, 2011

Gonzo Painting Colour Rough


Here is the colour rough I knocked out for the painting that I did of Gonzo for the Winnipeg Art Club Inspired by Song night. I painted it using a Nintendo DS using a program called Colors. I love doing this because I do not need to cart a paint set and paper when I'm on the bus in the morning and when it is -36 C and it's going to take you an hour to get to work it's nice to have handy. I got the Idea from two artists. Christian Pearce and Greg Broadmore, exceptionally talented artists from New Zealand they did 99 paintings each using the DS and then put on and art show called the 99 DS Challenge. Very sweet, some people may have seen it as a novelty but I see two guys who are obviously video games fans who found something they could turn into a practical artist tool. I use it for colour and quick compositions all the time.

So thanks compadres, keep on keep'n on.

I have a bunch more of these to post, some alright, some good and some not so good. None the less, they shall be posted.

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