Thursday, February 24, 2011

Archery Armguard

I found some old rawhide in my basement on Monday and I decided to make a primitive armguard out of it. I think it is quite a unique design as I had to be creative with the shape and amount of material I had to work with. All the straps and ties are cut strips of spare rawhide and the button is from a old piece of broom handle or some kind of handle. I rubbed olive oil into the leather and that gave it a beautiful brown colour as opposed to the vegetable tan it originally was. It was great fun to make and took no time at all. All I need now is a bow to shoot.

Paintings and drawing to come.


Doug said...

That's so steampunk!

James said...

It is! I'm totally going to make a bow out of copper pipe and wire, totally.

Anonymous said...

Good job James, I'm sure there's lots of people out there who would like the same thing! I love how you just happened to have spare raw hide in the basement:)