Saturday, May 15, 2010

Peter Pan Portraits: In Progress

Peter Pan Portraits, originally uploaded by James Gillespie.

Here is where I am with the 2" x 2" Peter Pan portraits. I still have some work to do on Tiger Lily and Peter. Wendy and Hook are almost done. I and I have to deal with Tink and maybe have to redo Micheal and John. I may still be able to save that one.

Beth has packed these away, we are moving into our new house in June so I may not get to visit these for a while. That is OK I'm working away on my Folk Fest paintings. I will let you know when I am done with painting these small pieces, I am not doing something this small again unless I do it digitally. To hard on the eyes. Those guys who paint on rice are crazy!

I'll post how things are going with the folk fest paintings and that Forks Park illustration soon. Unfortunately my awesome desk top computers hard drive crapped out on me. I should get it back next week. maybe with the files that were on it intact... Maybe not. We shall see.

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