Sunday, March 28, 2010


Beth_Paint, originally uploaded by James Gillespie.

This is a painting done of my wife 7 months pregnant at the Winnipeg Folk Fest. Is is done un unprimed board of no particular quality and painted with a base layer of goauche, the main figure was done in oil and the backround was diffused a bit with acrylic. The pink outline is also done with acrylic.

Sorry for not posting for a while. In my real life job as a designer I have just launched the Canada's History website. I had a lot of valuable help from a large team of people but I did have a part in it's development. I will post about that in a bit.

I'm very proud of this painting and I am currently working on three more. That will round me out to 6 when they are done so I can look to complete another 14 before I tey to find a place to present them as my Winnipeg Folk Fest Series.

I have some sketches to post for this as well but I will do that later. I love you all, have a great day.


Doug said...

Fantastic James,

Your use of oils gets better with each piece.


Justin said...

turned out very well!