Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Beth Sketch

beth sketch, originally uploaded by James Gillespie.

This is the original sketch study of Beth's face I did prior to putting pencil to wood. I'm sad that I did not document the process better I will try and do that with the next two or three paintings I am working on. I have received a lot of great feedback from people on Facebook where I posted the painting also.

On another note entirely I went to SoapScum Presents "The Crown Royals" the other night and it was brilliant again. These guys are batting 100 this season. They had a guest from Die-Nasty Improv in Edmonton. Hilarious fellow. I'll post some shots of him shortly.


Doug said...

Batting a thousand. A 100 batting average is actually pretty piss poor.

James said...

Not in Whackbat it itsn't.