Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ironman Art

About a month ago my boss put out an invitation to a Ironman art contest. Well it is now the beginning of April and I do believe I a have won by default.

Correct I was the only person out of anybody who showed interest to finish a piece.

I should feel happy but I actually am very sad. How busy are people these days they can't take the time to do something like this. I mean mine is just a sketch coloured in photoshop. I get this feeling that life is steadily becoming this snowball rolling down a hill thanks to technology which I acknowledge helped me finish my piece, is pushing us to do more, more, more, faster,faster,faster... I think I need to go to FolkFest and regain some perspective. I also need to ride my bike again. Ahh Spring. And most of all I need to go outside and feel the sunshine on my face.

There is still time to become and Arborist.


D. Gillespie said...

damn jam I miss you.


Adrian J.K. Shum, LGDC said...

Just so you know I did start a canvas for the Iron Man art thing... it's just not completed as of yet. ;P I guess I too should have taken the digital route but, as you stated, technology is pushing us to do more and more, faster and faster... this art thing was supposed to be for fun right? Anyhow, I still plan to complete it... perhaps this weekend? ;)

Bryan Scott said...

James--I like a lot of your stuff, even the penises.

Bryan S.