Monday, December 3, 2007


Actor: Peter Nadolny

A.K.A. Wellington J. Farnsworth Spookingdorf III
Spook is a deathly mess of teeth, sinew and bones who cannot be killed. he is a Zombie of intellect, trying to sate his never ending hunger for flesh, marrow and braaaaaaiiins... Used as the team shield while on assignment, Spook dutifully soldiers for right, justice, humanity (Unless he is really really hungry). The only weakness this devouring monster has is the heart he wears on his sleeve. No, not the one he keeps there as a snack, but the metaphorical one that gets stomped so easily. You can tear of his limbs, stomp on his face, and zap him with a thousand ray guns, but the only tear you will see come from his eye will be one caused by his poor, breaking heart.

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Andrew said...

holycrap james all of these characters totally rule but this guy is my fave for reals