Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Actor: Scott Cranwill

Though Little is Known about Milk's origins, his reputation is wide spread across the Galaxies. After being abandoned as a child on the hostile planet Turmaline. Milk was discovered years later living on his own and completely self sufficient. Having developed an advanced mining system, Milk not only amassed a fortune enslaving the native species who toiled in his vapour mines, but also caught the eye of the infamous Black Hand. Recognizing Milk's keen mind, and cunning tactics as useful tools in his plans for universal domination, Black Hand took young Milk on as an apprentice. It is during this time Milk earned the title of "Evil Genius", traveling the span of the universe, and overseeing many of the Black Hand's most secret operations. For reasons unknown, their partnership would come to an abrupt end sometime later, with Milk being left for dead, abandoned yet again on an uncharted planet in the outer rim. It is there that Professor George Smith found him, and after nursing him back to health, recruiting him as a member of the SpaceQuest team.

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