Monday, March 19, 2012

Kayak Issue #40: TITANIC

So here is latest issue of Kayak. This one is a very exciting issue jam packe with information about the Titanic, and many other watery disasters that have taken place around Canada. I'm not sure what it is about shipwrecks that capture our hearts and minds but I'm hard pressed to find a person who isn't fascinated when they come across the weathered hull of a ship on a beach.
I don't come across near enough of those in the prairies.

The artists in this Issue are Charlene Chua for the brilliant cover, David Namisato for the fiction story, Alex Diochon came through with an amazing visual telling of the song The Wreck of The Edmund Fitzgerald by Gordon Lightfoot. And myself. Yes that is right, I finally organized myself well enough to get a proper illustration done. It involves some new characters being added to the Kayak roster. Beau ad Teeka. I'll talk about them in some future posts. The magazine should drop just prior to April, and you will find the magazine on newsstand from April-May, or at your local library. If you don't have Kayak at your local library please request it.


Sophia said...

It really looks great, James. Very well done! :) And thanks for sharing these as I enjoy looking at that. Inspiring.

D. Gillespie said...

Great issue Jam.

I really enjoyed the whole thing.


James said...

Thanks I really enjoyed putting this issue together. Special thanks goes out to Andrew workman who produced the sinking Titanic timeline and the map of the Marysburgh Vortex.