Friday, June 10, 2011

Quiver with Fear

Back Quiver Front
Back Quiver Back
Well as some of you might have read, I have taken up archery of the traditional kind (No crazy super powerful, rifle like, physics enhenced, ultra-bow) In keeping with the traditional idea I made my own back quiver. My Mother has been stockpiling leather, so when I mentioned this crazy idea she was like "Oh yeah I got like tons of that, fer-sher really." So I mad my first prototype. I intend to make another back quiver out of natural looking tooling leather but that will be when I can afford to buy some. Until then I am working on a hip quiver out of canvas.

I'm sooo close to finishing this last painting it hurts, but I can't show it to you yet, I just can't. No worrie though As I mentioned in my previous post I will take you all along for the ride when next I do another painting.

Stay golden Ponyboys and girls (My new trademark line)

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D. Gillespie said...

That is so steampunk!

Stay golden James.