Friday, January 7, 2011

Sketchbook Project Complete

I have not finished posting all my sketches here but I feel that I need to post this video of the completed Sketchbook Project 2011. What a great experience It took some time between work and life to draw this stuff mostly on lunches and on the bus ride to and from work. Many happy thoughts have been contained in this book and I hope the people who get to view the original enjoy it very much. This book will not be returned to me, it will go on permanent display with thousands of others at the Brooklyn Art Library, as well as going on tour around the United States. For those of you who can not make the trip please enjoy this video which gives you a glimpse of the entire sketchbook.

I have scanned every page and have the intention of working some of these up into finished artwork, so keep yer eyes peeled.

I also noticed that I have acquired 19 followers. Yes! Thanks for taking the time to do this as it makes my Ego swell with joy. Ego is a 3'5" Belgian man who lives in my basement, though he get's as tall as 3'7" when he swells.

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Mmm said...

I watched most of this a while ago and was seriously impressed. I never did do that project--life jsut too messy then. But yours was an inspiration to me. I voe how your videotaped the whole thing. Great job, James. you should be proud.