Friday, September 24, 2010

A Conversation with Scott Chantler About The Northwest Passage and Two Generals

Listen to the podcast here on the Canada's History website.

I Just Posted My first ever podcast interview with Comic Artist Scott Chantler. I have done a two part interview with him about The Annotated Northwest Passage, a novel he produce in 2007. It is about the adventures of explorer Charles Lord in Rupert's Land in 1755. Scott took the time to speak to me about the process that went into having this book produced in the states and the research he had to do to make the story believable.

I was really nervous to talk to him as I am quite a big fan but as the conversation went on I relax a fare amount and get about as fan boy as you can get. I edited out the worst parts for all our sakes.

The Second part of the Interview concerns his newest graphic novel Two Generals. This is a non fiction graphic novel based on Scott's grandfathers war time diary. The diary deals with the D-Day invasion and the subsequent months afterward. This is the better part of the interview as I was way more relaxed but will not be released for another couple of weeks. Scott's book comes out on the 12th of October, 2010. The second podcast will come out about a week prior.

I don't know that you will be hearing much from me podcast-wise as there are not that many history based comics out there but if more come along you will be hearing my awkward voice more and more.

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