Friday, August 20, 2010

Sketchbook Project Page17


This is a sketch I did of two frogs doing "It".


Sophia said...

Hello!! I just found your FANTASTIC art blog!! Seriously. I love it and am now a follower.

I also see that you are participating in the sketchbook tour as well. You might like this place I just started today:

It’s a place where those are a part of the project are getting together to post our individual progress, questions, thoughts, ideas. etc. I want to invite you to come over and “follow”.

I will also email you a personal invite to be an author of this blog so you can create your own posts about this project, including a status of your progress.

It will be SUPER exposure for your great artwork. I am so impressed. Really. :)

I’m looking forward to getting to know you more and your art. Happy Sunday!

James said...

Great Googamooga!

I new follower and one offering all sort of delightful possibilities.

Sophia thank you, I would gladly follow and participate in your Sketchbook Doodleheads blog.

Rock out, that is what I am talking about people!

Sophia said...

Excellent!! :) Looking forward to getting to know you more!!

Mmm said...

Found you through the sketchbook project collection, doodleheads. I'm still waiting for my sketchbook.

Love this drawing. Wow. You are very talented indeed! A wry sense of humour too, like those monkeys above.

James said...

Mmm: Thanks for your comments I am also quite fond of those monkeys above. Although I think my pictures might be misleading as I have a friend who used to handle spider monkeys and said they are quite vicious creatures.

Oh well I'm always one to perpetuate a stereotype.