Sunday, January 10, 2010


I grabbed some new crow quill nibs from the art store the other day. They are for calligraphy but I lie to us they for drawring. They allow for good variation of thick to thin line-width.

I'm trying out a refillable brush pen in my sketchbook that was given to me by a friend Jason Botkin. I'm likinng it. I had to change the ink because Jason was using orange printer ink and it was not showing in my sketchbook. I changes it to Antelope Brown which is my favorite brown ink to use I'll post some results soon.

I have been keeping tabs on my google analytics and it is great I can keep track of where I am being viewed from. So far people all over the world have come to check out my blog. it is very exciting. I even checked and I'm getting views from New Zealand. It might be my sister in law who is currently down south vising her boyfriends family, or in my own fantasy world it could be somebody from Weta Workshops. I'm a huge fan of Weta I specifically follow two of there concept artist very closely. Greg Broadmore and Christian Pearce. Not only have these two worked on a slew of amazing films but a little while back they took part in the 99 DS challenge where they chose a theme and did 99 iterations on that theme in there homebrewed Nintendo DS'.

It actually inspired me to get a DS of my own and try it out. I enjoy it very much and it keeps me occupied on the bus. Most importantly it allows me to sketch in colour which I have trouble doing because I'm not a huge fan of markers or pencil crayons and it can be laborious to get the watercolours out sometimes.

So I guess what I'm trying to say it robots are awesome but not to be trusted, they can turn on you at any moment, so be prepared. I'm also saying Weta Workshops is wicked, check out their site and Dr. Grorbort's Ray Guns cause they make me so very happy.


Justin said...

good post bud. look forward to the ink work

jason botkin said...

lookin forward to seein some of those brush experiments, minus the freaky orange, highly staining printer goop that's been causing me a world of trouble. Love the robotic pen and nib work!