Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Vulture Lady

I love having a sketchbook on me.

Last Sunday Beth and I were out for breakfast. This breakfast joint that we frequent had quite the line up and while we were waiting Beth pointed this lady out to me. The lady was wearing a checkered black and gray shirt with a huge puffy collar, she had a bucket hat on and had certain birdlike mannerisms. Really and truly, the more you looked at her the more birdlike she seamed, because of her collar she looked like a specific kind of bird. So when we finally got to sit down I whipped out my sketchbook and put pen to paper. I added some of the surrounding environment but I could not remember what the painting looked like behind her so I gave a shout out to Across the Universe.

I think I might do a larger version of this sketch.

It was done in my Moleskin with my Tul pen and watercoloured later at home.

I will be making an exciting post soon so check back in the next couple of weeks for BIG NEWS.

Not as big as the pregnancy thing but pretty big.

1 comment:

Doug said...

Nice sketch. Never seen across the Universe so the reference is lost on me. She makes me think of the Skeksis from the Dark Crystal.