Monday, November 24, 2008


Babies, babies, babies...

As of late it seems like all the women in my life are having babies.

Just last month Both my sisters had children. One with twins the other just the one. At my wedding this summer five women three of whom were not my sisters were pregnant.

Just a couple of weeks ago one of my good friends just had his first kid and another one of my friends is going to have his anytime now.

Now I want to be clear there is nothing wrong with this. New lives coming into the world is a beautiful thing. But it is certainly overwhelming. Just the other day my wife got whipped up into a baby fury. So much so, that she posted on her face book that she wanted to have a baby, no she didn't, yes she did.

Well I'm not on facebook, I really don't like the idea of it. I think blogs are way better and far more personal. Thankyou Blogger I will be expecting my payment to be wired to my personal account in Switzerland... Anyway One of the people I train with in Karate gets wind of this and sends me this random email saying my wife wants Babies. Now I know my wife wants babies, Heck someday I want babies or maybe just baby to start. But the allusion was that my lady wanted them yesterday.

What can I say, I was at a loss for words so I drew a picture reflecting my initial response. I did this image with good humor in mind. I'm not intimidated by having children, now having said that I could wait just a bit longer.

More pics to come.

Stay tuned and tell all your friends about Kalamafraz.

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D. Gillespie said...


After the parenting advice you just gave me I think you are wasted not having children.

You are inspired!