Thursday, September 11, 2008

Animal Blend 2

Here is another animal blend.

Doug and Adrian just for hazarding a guess at the nature of my blended dogs I will give you prizes.

Justin I have tested spore out and it is cool. But my real inspiration comes from artist and animator Michel Gagné. He did this great book called Insanely Twisted Rabbits and the first time I ever saw it I creamed my jeans. I have to wear rubber pants anytime I read it now.

I love drawing like this, it allows me to take interesting animals and make them Uber interesting, or take boring animals and make them freaking cool.

You can see more of his work in the Flight Anthologies another worthy read.



Doug said...

A Giraffephant! Cool.

Karen said...

I would like this one on a wood panel like Yanins cat.

Justin said...